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JCTC College Dual Credit

Application Process

In order to receive college dual credit through Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC), you must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of your sophomore year.  Students will not officially know if they are accepted until early June. Behavior, attendance and teacher recommendations will be taken into consideration. You must be in good standing and on grade level to be eligible for the junior college core program, and have an A in your current reg. English and Social Studies course, or B in AP courses, at the time of application.

Junior College Core Program 

*Courses are taken at OCHS with JCTC Professors

*Application required

  • English 101 (3 hours)

  • History 109 (3 hours) - online

  • Sociology 101 (3 hours)

  • Humanities 120 (3 hours)

For a quick step by step guide and more information about the Junior College Core Program, read the following google slide deck of information 

Junior College Core 2024-2025  

Senior College Core Program

*Must participate in the Junior College Core Program to be eligible

*All Courses are taken at JCTC - Carrollton Campus (must have own transportation)

*Courses available: 

  • English 102 (3 hours)
  • Biology 112/113 (4 hours)
  • Biology 120/121 (4 hours)
  • Psychology 101 (3 hours)
  • Math 150 - College Algebra (3 hours)
  • Statistics 120 (3 hours)
  • COM 181 Basic Public Speaking
  • PSY 110 General Psychology
  • REL 130 Introduction to Comparative Religion

For a quick step by step guide and more information about the Senior College Core Program, read the following google slide deck of information 

Senior College Core 2024-2025

Additional Information:

*They must take/have taken Physics at OCHS prior to their senior year of high school. *They must complete this application, so we know they are interested. *Then they can go online and complete the JCTC application as well, which can be found at:

JCTC Application 2024-2025 Students need to choose the Carrollton Campus and write down their ID number and keep it. We will notify students if they have been accepted into the junior core program in early June. * Students in the Junior Core will be responsible for paying for their courses and they must apply for dual credit scholarship through KHEAA, it is not automatic. We will tell them when to do this. * All grades will be reflected on their high school transcript. *Students not successful in the program first semester will be taken out of the core and will not take classes 2nd semester and will not be eligible for the senior core program. Their grades go with them in the OCHS classes. * Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. * Students will take HIS 109 (which will be online all year), ENG 101, SOC 101, and Hum 120 * They are responsible for regularly checking email and may be required to meet on their off days.

Ms. Tanya Lutz, School Counselor, is the contact/liaison for the College Dual Credit Program.